Auto Insurance

As a driver, you may be required to purchase auto insurance by your state to be legal on the roads.

This is a common legal requirement in most states across the country, but each state has different car insurance requirements that local drivers must comply with. In addition, some drivers want to purchase more than the minimum amount of coverage required by law because of the benefits it provides. With a closer look at what car insurance is and how it benefits you, you may be able to make a better buying decision.

When you purchase auto insurance, you will need to choose between liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. Liability is the most common type of car insurance required by most states, and this coverage primarily protects other motorists. As a driver, you are financially liable for any damage you cause to others in your car, and this includes property damage, vehicle damage, and personal injury. Liability coverage pays others for the damage you cause, but you may still be personally liable for any expenses that exceed your coverage limits. With this in mind, some drivers will increase the amount of liability coverage they purchase.

Collision and comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, provide benefits to you as the driver and vehicle owner. In the event of a collision accident, collision coverage will pay for expenses to repair or replace the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage includes collision benefits as well as coverage for loss related to fire, theft, water events and more. You may also increase your coverage to include optional protection for personal injury, rental car reimbursement and more.

As you can see, you may face significant expenses if you are involved in an accident or if Mother Nature damages your vehicle, stolen by a thief and more. There are many types of events that you must consider when purchasing coverage, and you also should think about your financial abilities to pay by reviewing your assets. When you focus on these points, you can more easily purchase the right type of car insurance for your needs.

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Classic Car Insurance

A lot of people assume there’s a certain age that qualifies a vehicle as collectible, but that’s not necessarily true. We provide coverage for vehicles that are*:

Appreciating or maintaining a steady market value
In good condition
Kept in a secure, enclosed storage facility
Not used for a daily or backup transportation*
Additional program guidelines apply

Why specialty insurance?

Lower premiums than standard insurance Coverage for the way you use your care
Coverage that accounts for your car’s real value
Claims handled by classic car experts

What we are prepared to offer:

Guaranteed Value coverage – The policy guarantees your car’s value, with no depreciation
Knowledgeable service – Available to help seven days a week
Valuation expertise – Helps you get the right coverage for your car
On-staff Claims adjusters trained in auto repair – they know how to make your car whole again
Repair Shop – We can even pay you to do the work
Flexible usage – Great cars were made to be enjoyed
Coverage for travel, transport, spare parts and more – Everything a classic car owner needs